Rawlings Gold Glove Club (The Ron Burgundy 2) November 2020

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Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5" Modified Trapeze Web and Fastback November 2020 Gold Glove Club The Ron Burgundy

The Rawlings Gold Glove Club gloves are perfect for the player that needs something special, something that defines "flashing the leather", something very exclusive without paying the price of a custom glove.
Handcrafted from world-renowned Heart of the Hide leather resulting a firm glove that's easy to shape. Smooth, Deer-tanned cowhide liner with an adjustable, padded thumb sleeve for maximum comfort

  • 11.5" - 204F Pro Pattern is designed to have a deep pocket. The glove closes thumb to 4th finger, and pinky
  • Modified Trapeze Web which makes this perfect for infielders who may pitch as well.
  • Leather Palm Pad
  • Wrist lining is BOA
  • Sherry back and palm, burgundy laces, royal embroidery and gold stamped
  • Kind of a big deal, it's leather bound and smells of rich mahogany